Tire Handling Device

The " Tire Handling Device " of the present invention is a portable device for holding and manipulating a vehicle tire while changing a flat.

The tire-handling device (10) is a compact, lightweight tool for carriage within a motor vehicle trunk or storage compartment to facilitate handling of a tire (T) during a tire change or similar operation. The device includes a tire support cradle (30) supported by opposed vertically adjustable handles (32). The handles (32) and cradle (30) therebetween may be adjusted to position the cradle (30) beneath a tire (T) on a raised axle during a tire change, or for aligning a fresh tire with the wheel mounting studs of the wheel hub. Two mutually opposed tire support belt rollers are disposed within the cradle (30). A tire support belt extends between the rollers, allowing a tire (T) resting thereon to be rotated for alignment with the mounting studs of the vehicle wheel hub.

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CA 2,681,364 issued 2011-11-29   [MORE INFO]
US 7,988,402 issued 2011-08-02   [MORE INFO]

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