Cryogenic Flywheel Generator with C-coil Technology.

Cryogenic flywheel generator (CFG) with C-coil technology this is new type of energy generator. CFG is running on liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, nontoxic, nonflammable gas. Nitrogen composes about four-fifths (78.03 percent) by volume of the atmosphere. Nitrogen is inert and serves as diluent for oxygen in burning and respiration processes. It can be condensed into a colorless liquid. Pure nitrogen is obtained by fractional distillation of liquid air; because liquid nitrogen has a lower boiling point than liquid oxygen, the nitrogen distills off first and can be collected. Nitrogen melts at -210.01°C (-346.02°F), boils at -198.79°C (-320.42°F). Liquid nitrogen have dabble function in CFG system it working as a fuel and as a cooler for C-coils of generator and magnetic bearings, using Superconductivity, phenomenon displayed by certain conductors that demonstrate no resistance to the flow of an electric current. Coil, ceramic metal-oxide compounds containing rare earth elements were found to be super conductive at temperatures high enough to permit using liquid nitrogen as a coolant. Because liquid nitrogen, at 77K (-196° C/-321° F), cools 20 times more effectively than liquid hydrogen and is 10 times less expensive and perhaps most important of all, more efficient generation and transmission of electric power.
Flywheel in this system can be made from fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) rather than metal. These materials can be engineered to have very high strength in the radial direction, thus permitting higher operational speeds and it can use super conducting magnetic bearings that have very little resistance compare any mechanical bearing with contact between the stationary and rotating parts. Flywheel placed in vacuum chamber free of air what even more decries resistance consider that C-coils of generator have special shape of winding in which permanent magnets of flywheel is spin through a loop of wire of the C-coil without magnetic resistance to produce a voltage and generate a current in a closed circuit. Because of C-coil Technology in generator no induction(magnetic) resistance between magnets and C-coil (the are no magnetic metal in the coil).
Vapor of liquid nitrogen under high pressure going from tank through pipe with pressure control valve to air motor. The air motor speed up Flywheel trough automatic transmission up to 50.000 RPM. Flywheel depending on diameter and mass can spin from several hours to several days. When speed of flywheel going down to 1.000 RPM air motor again start speed up the flywheel to necessary RPM. Ejection of nitrogen to air motor controlled by electronic valve which connected with electronic RPM counter. When speed of flywheel reach of minimum of RPM, air motor start to work and when speed of flywheel reach maximum of RPM air motor stop to work.
To produce liquid nitrogen from regular air we can use electricity from solar panels, wind generators and other source of alternative energy. On the market many different type of liquid nitrogen generators which produce from several liters per day and using less then 1kWatt/h to industrial plants what producing hundreds of liters per hour. One liter of liquid nitrogen is about 1.000 liters of nitrogen under regular pressure. For CFG depending on diameter of flywheel enough less then one liter of liquid nitrogen to speed up flywheel to maximum RPM in several minutes.
We can use CFG as a cryogenic engine for motor vehicles, which will use as a fuel liquid nitrogen. CFG in vehicles will charge battery when you drive or even when vehicle stay in garage or parked somewhere. With liquid nitrogen flywheel will speed up in several minutes to maximum RPM and after for several hours spin by producing electric energy and charging battery. The cost of one liter of liquid nitrogen is around $0.10, (If we use electricity from solar panels, wind generators and other source of alternative energy the cost of liquid nitrogen will be practically free and every body ca produce LN ( liquid nitrogen) fuel at home). Small size liquid nitrogen generator consume same amount electricity as a refrigerator. In this case liquid nitrogen several times less expensive then gasoline, absolutely ecologically clean (no green house pollution), can be produced directly from air with electricity from solar panels, wind generators and other source of energy. During the process of producing Liquefied Nitrogen, byproduct CO2 becomes as a dry ice. In this condition it can be very easily extracted and utilized for various industrial purposes, all unwanted quantity of CO2 can be removed from the atmosphere, and it will help to solve the problem of global warming. CFG has big spectrum of use, it can work not only like Cryogenic Engine for the cars, trucks, boats, planes and other it fully scalable and can be used as source of electric energy for houses, buildings, businesses, production industries and other. We don’t have to forget that CFG running on liquid nitrogen the cheapest fuel compare to any other knowing at the time been and especially now when, prices on oil going extremely high. Plus natural resources of oil and gas on the planet will be enough maximum for 20-30 years. Liquid Nitrogen is absolutely ecologically clean, renewable source of energy.

US 20,100,283,350 issued 2010-11-11   [MORE INFO]
US 20,110,304,146 issued 2011-12-15   [MORE INFO]

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