Rollfast is an all new security toilet tissue dispenser for public washrooms that finally beats the vandals.

Vandalism of dispensers in toilet cubicles is a major world wide problem that has never been fully resolved - until now. Costs of $100 to $200 per cubicle per year are quite normal and is the bane of every janitor and every owner/operator of public toilets.

Rollfast also offers huge savings in tissue cost, especially compared with jumbo rolls. Savings can be anything from 25% to 50% so this alone will give huge appeal to any owner/operator of public facilities.

When you think of the hundreds of millions of toilet cubicles around the world all screaming for answers to the ongoing vandal problem, plus the tissue cost saving, you can see the market is too vast to fully comprehend. A conservative estimate of annual profit is at least $12 million and the market will last for at least ten years.

The designer of Rollfast, Mr J. Duncan McNeill, does not wish to place this product in production and then market it because at the age of 75 he does not want to get bogged down with running a major business - as this will definitely be! Instead, he is offering the design and the patent of Rollfast for sale to the highest bidder.

AU 2,013,902,275 issued 2013-06-21   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$3,000,000

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