A Hands-Free, Wearable, and Fully Automatic Tooth Brush

I am an inventor and the patent-owner of a proprietary design of a HANDS-FREE, WEARABLE, and AUTOMATIC tooth-brush.

The patented design that I would like to present to you is an innovation that has the potential to be developed into a new product line suitable to both niche and the mass market. The design is simple enough to be customized into variations, so that it can cater to potential future product developments. I believe that with the right amount of attention and development, the design can be prospected into a tangible product that can occupy a significant market space.

I have included a 4-minute video explaining the components and technology behind the patent.

I would welcome an opportunity to discuss possible cooperation that can utilize my design, answer technical questions, and suggest market prospects and cost-benefit analysis with you.



Hang Yu ( Inventor and Owner of this Patent)
[email protected]
T: 647-628-9701
Toronto, Canada

youtube Link:

Patent information:
China Patent Number
Appearance Design Patent: 2012305050348
Utility Model Patent: 2012205424872
Invention Patent: 2012104051056
for patent details (Document is in Chinese)

Something about me:
I have ten years work experience as Product Design Engineer in Automotive Industry. The products, that I have designed and developed, such as electro-mechanical switches, accessories, and HVAC parts, have been used in GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles. I got my Bachelor Degree of Automotive Engineering in China and Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering in Montreal of Quebec. I have engineering thinking points and applied these engineering rules on this invention. It is near to practical and reasonable mass production.

Attached files:
Evaluation Report of Utility Model Patent _ 0.pdf
PCTCN2013074184 _ 0.pdf

CN 2,012,305,050,348 issued 2012-10-22   [MORE INFO]
CN 2,012,205,424,872 issued 2012-10-22   [MORE INFO]
CN 2,012,205,424,872 issued 2012-10-22   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$1,000,000,000

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