Subterranean Material Dispensing Apparatus and Method

A material dispensing device delivers material directly into
the ground. According to one embodiment of the material
dispensing device, the device comprises an elongated hollow
shaft, a receptacle, a helical flange and on or more openings
formed in the shaft or helical flanges. The receptacle is disposed
adjacent one end of the shaft for holding material. The
receptacle is communicatively open to the shaft such that the
material or a liquid-material mixture dissolved from at least a
portion of the material can flow from the receptacle into the
shaft. The helical flange is secured to the shaft. The shaft and
helical flange are configured such that rotation of the shaft and
flange causes the material dispensing device to be driven into
the ground. The one or more openings formed in the shaft or
helical flange disperse the material or the liquid-material
mixture into the ground.

US 7,681,509 issued 2010-03-23   [MORE INFO]

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