RimPro-Tec (Wheel Band)

RimPro-Tec Wheel Protection Patents and Trademarks in 97 countries world wide .

RimPro-Tec adds innovation to the market with a patented 3-component design that puts an attractive band of tough plastic between valuable wheels and hazards like kerbs.

RimPro-Tec is a quick installation two piece clip-in system for your rims/wheels and is achieved using a specially formed, one size fits all, mounting track and clip-in insert that can be applied to 13" - 22" wheels .

Most kerb damage happens whilst parking and maneuvering, having RimPro-Tec installed on your wheels saves you time and money without having to have your wheels refurbished.

With RimPro-Tec you can add colour to your wheels with what is in effect a bumper for your easy to scuff rims/wheels.

The elegance of the RimPro-Tec design is that the Acrylic tape, mounting track and insert have been designed to all act together to distribute the energy of the impact to rims/wheels from kerbs and other objects.

When RimPro-Tecs are kerbed you only have to change out the insert and that takes all of a few minutes to do a full set of four.

Customers can also personalise their wheels with easy to swap out colour inserts that can be snapped into the base tracks, again, in just a few seconds.

"RimPro-Tec is the answer to a problem that everyone has at some time in their life regarding kerb rash to their car wheels.

Our RimPro-Tec products succeeds by not just offering wheel protection but also personalization with our swap out colors, two key benefits customers seek."
RimPro-Tec have Licensees in the North America, Canada, NZ, Australia and Distribution in Singapore and France, UK, UAE.

Jim Capo Licensee for North America and Canada says "A big attraction
for us is that the design of the product is brilliantly simple. It addresses the need to better protect new alloy wheel designs on increasingly popular low profile tyres while at the same time giving car accessory enthusiasts a great new option for personalising their rides.
"RimPro-Tec is seeking distributors and licensees world wide to market this amazing patented product that research indicates is desired by over 80% of the target market segment - vehicle owners with alloy wheels that have decidedly upgraded their vehicle exterior. "

RimPro-Tec win prestigious Global Media Awards. These awards came from a panel of international media judges, they selected RimPro- Tec for four awards for introducing one of the best new products at the SEMA show.

RimPro-Tec also wins Best Product at the Performance Aftermarket Industry Awards.
SEMA November 2011 was the launch venue for RimPro-Tec.

Looking for Licensee's / Distributors World Wide

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SG 2,011,003,704 issued 2012-01-25   [MORE INFO]
GB 2,349,740 issued 2013-08-14   [MORE INFO]
CH 2,009,801,383,179 issued 2012-01-25   [MORE INFO]
US 8,770,670 issued 2014-06-14   [MORE INFO]

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