Tremolo Structure for Stringed Instrument

We call the it the P-WHAMMY The whammy bar itself is nothing new. Since the 1940s we’ve seen the Bigsby, then in the mid-50s Leo Fender came along and changed well just about everything we know about electric guitars and basses. The Stratocaster is probably the most common guitar you will see today that sports the whammy bar. The P-whammy’s goal is to improve all the flaws of the original whammy bar and give you quicker response and precise feel and control.
The smaller size does not catch on things and is always in the right place waiting for you. Its design allows for a greater range of control, from the softest nuances to ripping octave changes.
The P-Whammy is pulled or rolled forward with the wrist to give the tremolo effect. And on fulcrum type bridges, it can be pushed or tapped to raise the pitch.
The P-Whammy Bar easily screws onto Fender type bridges using the existing hole and is mounted solid.

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US 8,569,603 issued 2013-10-29   [MORE INFO]

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