A System for Detecting, Monitoring, Recording and Transmitting Data on Power Consumption

The present invention aims at overcoming the above drawback and provides a system for detecting, monitoring, recording and transmitting data on power consumption, which comprises in combination - (i) means for observing power consumption such as an energy monitor (1); (ii) power control unit (2) receiving power from 220-230V a.c. supply and converting it to d.c. for supplying power to different units of energy monitoring system; (iii) modem (3), which is a modulator-demodulator receiving signal from energy monitor (1) and remote receiver (4) relay transmitting the signal to receiver station; (iv) remote receiver (4) relay switch receiving signals from the remote (8) and individual relay transmitting data on power consumption to be monitored and connected to the relay system; (v) antenna (5) for propagating electromagnetic signal generated by said modem to the channel; (vi) receiver unit (6), which receives electromagnetic signal sent by antenna of electronic tuner (5) and decodes the signal to the desired format; (vii) receiver modem (7), which is a modulator-demodulator converting digital signal to analog signal for processing, and (viii) remote transmitter (8) for transmitting signal to the said monitor (1). In lieu of modems, one may use LASER light and camera or any similar system for data transmission.

IN 248,889 issued 2011-10-09   [MORE INFO]

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