Engine Block Component Brace

Valley Girdle™, Valley Girdle Pro™, United States Patent for Engine Block Component Brace : Patent # 7,258,094

One or more component braces may be installed into the upper valley of a V-styled engine block to provide resistance to deformation of the block when used in an operating motor. The component braces include first and second mounting portions separated by a body portion, where the mounting portions may be constructed as arms extending from the body portion. An intermediate mounting portion may also be included that is centrally located with respect to the first and second mounting portions, but below a line defined by the first and second mounting portions. The securing of the component brace at the mounting areas provides rigidity to the upper portion of the engine block to resist deformation, such as would occur as relative movement between the cylinder banks. The resistance to such deformation aids in the prevention of cylinder bore wall distortion as well as engine block cracking

The present invention is directed to preventing deformation of an engine block of a motor, and in particular to a brace for mounting to an engine block to prevent deformation.

The Valley Girdle Pro is a great way to increase the strength of a stock block and can help improve ring wear by eliminating block distortion. Each lifter valley "strap" is constructed from hardened steel and can easily be installed using common tools.

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US 7,258,094 issued 2007-08-21   [MORE INFO]

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