Hidra Force - Harnessing River Power Without the Dam !

A Single Solution

Hidra Force has patented a water turbine for
modular in-stream power plants that can be easily
deployed within many rivers in the world without
affecting the surrounding nature. There’s no need for
riverbed or flow modifications as is commonly the case
with hydropower.
The product offers very high efficiency for power
generation, with just 1.5 m/s to 2 m/s required water
flow and depth starting from 2 m. That means that the
water turbine can be used on most rivers in the world.
Real-world testing has been performed under the
supervision of the professional advisers of the HEP
Group, a national electricity company in Croatia. The
Department of Hydrodynamics of the Technical Faculty
in Rijeka also proved the very high-power yield of the
HF solution.

EP 2,010,722,403 issued 2013-01-02   [MORE INFO]
EP 2,010,722,403 issued 2013-01-02   [MORE INFO]
WO 2,011,101,693 issued 2011-08-25   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

Asking Price: US$300,000,000

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