Bed and Rail Cover

The Bed and Rail Cover prevents confused patients from injuring themselves with hospital bed rails. Currently, health care professionals cannot position bed rails in the upward position because confused patients may injure themselves. Confused patients can still fall our of bed, so health care professionals lower the bed and place a mat next to the bed. My health care experience has shown me that this is ineffective because when a patient stands up they can push the mat away, try to stand up, fall down, and injure themselves. The Bed and Rail Cover covers all openings between the bed and the bed rail so that health care providers may position the bed rail in the upwards position to protect the patient from falling out of bed while covering all holes so the patient cannot injure themselves. This product will surely be in high demand in many medical facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes.

US 8,850,648 issued 2014-10-07   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$50,000

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