Adjustable Orthotic Brace

System for strain detection and subsequent material contraction or expansion for counteraction of strain in wearable injury prevention device or rehabilitation device. System is based on: A sensor for strain (compression or tension) detection which sends signals to a logic circuit programmed to initiate discharge of a battery or capacitor if the logic circuit determines that the sensor signal indicates an injury inducing force or if it is beyond the programmed permissible range of motion for a joint. Electricity from the capacitor or battery, in turn, activates a rapidly (millisecond) morphing material (typically electroactive polymer, magnetorheologic, or piezoelectric) to expand, contract or harden in response. Finally, the morphing material is chosen and appropriately situated or worn so as to prevent injury or facilitate injury/surgery rehabilitation.

US 6,969,365 issued 2005-11-29   [MORE INFO]

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