Program for Determining Progressive Hand/Foot, Regressive Hand/Foot, Neural Hands/Feet and Conflict Hands/Feet

This program makes it possible to detect hidden left-handedness in children and adults of both sexes regardless of age. The fundamental data input it uses is the number of deltas contained in fingerprints, as defined E.R Henry's system of classification (1900). One of the quirks of the central nervous system is that hidden left-handedness may become apparent in situations where a quick reflexive action is required, leading to an attempt to conduct the action with the left hand. The program diagnoses hidden left-handedness in people employed in stressful conditions and/or in control of equipment designed for the right-handed (eg. parachutists, pilots, drivers and so on). Timely diagnosis of hidden left-handedness helps to avert tragic accidents in the workplace.
Program users enter fingerprint data separately for the left and right hands and feet. The program's functionality enables it to analyse hidden left-handedness for both hands and feet.
The results of the analysis of the fingerprint data entered and the subject's standardised questionnaire answers can be saved in .jpg format or printed out.

RU 2,014,661,258 issued 2014-10-27

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$5,000,000

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