Improved "Blablacar like" Urban Realtime Ridesharing Procedure

(Procedure for monitoring and control vehicle’s courses to optimize the use of their load capacities)

We will solve the transport's problems of millions of people, taking advantage of the empty seats in our cars, which are currently underutilized.

We will tell the passengers:
"Let's travel with the convenience and speed of a taxi, but at bus' price."
We will tell the car drivers:
"Let's split your transport costs by carrying your neighbours".

Our business model:
We charge each passenger its proportionate share of the transport costs (that we will later reimburse to the car driver), plus a small fee by each coordination service.

The passengers will use our service due to being the fee very small in proportion to the travel's cost savings and the time savings achieved. But it will mean big revenue for us, due to the many millions of potential customers around the world.

Our patent (recently granted in Spain) is currently undergoing international phase.
It claims a procedure to monitor and control a vehicle travel in real time, through a smartphone app.
It takes full advantage of the empty seats of a car carrying (on the fly and without reservations) several passengers that go on the same direction, while the car driver is heading toward its own destination point.

The procedure slightly changes the path of the vehicle, including nearby points for the pickup and delivery of passengers, getting the greatest possible occupation of the empty seats along the entire route.

It also handles automatically the fair sharing of the cost of the journey between the occupants of the car, proportionally to the actual use of the vehicle done by each of the travellers.

A prototype demonstrates that over 70% savings are easy to achieve for a five seat car.

Attached files:
Synergy presentation lite.pdf

ES 201,430,091 issued 2014-01-27   [MORE INFO]
WO 2,014,070,992 issued 2014-01-27   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$1,500,000

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