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Improved "Blablacar like" Urban Realtime Ridesharing Procedure

(Procedure for monitoring and control vehicle’s courses to optimize the use of their load capacities) We will solve the transport's problems of millions of people, taking advantage of the empty seats in our cars, which are currently underutilized. We will tell the passengers: "Let's travel with the convenience and speed of a taxi, but at bus' price." We will tell the car drivers: "Let's split your transport costs by carrying your neighbours". Our business model: We charge each pas

Tactile relief films, decals and stickers for indicating object characteristics

This patent is for a sticker/film/decal having a tactile relief which tells a blind or near-blind person of certain object characteristics: e.g., color, weight, hardness/softness, type of the object's end (sharp/dull), etc. A divisional patent application for the method of use has also been filed

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