Auto-Flex Knee Brace

This product is the world’s first off-loader knee brace with full girth, flexible steel cuffs that unloads both osteoarthritic knee compartments simultaneously for the entire knee extension range, not just at heel strike (the spring pillars change their bending central axis location automatically and accommodate the entire knee flexion range). This device provides open space in damaged compartments for re-seeding and re-growth. After the patient removes the brace, the articulating, i.e. grinding knee bones do not immediately return to their painful, touching state. That is, the knee acquires a “bone memory” that provides ongoing relief. Our braces uses a unique clamshell design to accomplish its goal of opening up arthritic knees. The “opening force” can be can be adjusted by rotating an adjustable knob so that the wearer can “dial-in” the amount of needed relief.

One of the most important features of the Auto Flex Knee Brace is that it also supports obese patients. Obese patients normally cannot use knee braces, and must resort to drugs, injections, surgery or TKR (total knee replacement).

Another group of patients that are accommodated are those with “varus” (bow leg) deformity and valgus (“knock knees” deformity). In both these defects the knee is crooked (bow legs are bent inward and knock knees are bent outward). The multi-axial, flexible spring column compensates for the misshapen knee curve and provides full support.

This knee brace can be adapted to prophylactic sports applications because its design acts as rotational brake. That is, the springs have a “gradual give” effect that limits the slippage of the brace when subjected to rotational movement. The result is fewer and less severe twisting injuries.

The inventor, a 270 pound 86 year old male, has had a strong interest in the efficacy of this product inasmuch as he has suffered severely from this condition. He spent four years developing the Auto-Flex Knee Brace and it has spared him from a TKR. The X-Rays shown below are of his own knee.

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US 8,343,083 issued 2013-01-01   [MORE INFO]

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