Multi-Purpose Paint Can Tool and Method

Product is called Paint Can Pro. This product has the potential to forever change the way millions of people manage their one-quart and one-gallon size paint cans. The tool is simply that unique and useful! Paint Can Pro virtually eliminates the typical “paint can hassle and mess” that always seems to be a part of painting, staining, varnishing or lacquering projects.

Here's how it works:

1 — Use the built-in lid opener to open paint can without deformation of the lid edge/rim
2 — Punch paint drain holes in rim channels so excess paint drips back into the can
3 — Use the lid tamping ball to properly re-seal can for true air-tightness

Painting contractors, professional handymen and millions of “do-it-yourself” consumers will love how much faster, easier and cleaner their projects will be when using Paint Can Pro. This remarkable new tool could easily become the go-to “paint can management” tool for years to come!

Photos, marketing materials and additional information are available upon request.

Attached files:
US 8,839,696 B2 (Connick-Harrington - PCPro).pdf
PC Pro NEW over faded paint cans.jpg
lid opening.jpg
rim piercing combo image.jpg
lid closure ball tamping.jpg
PC Pro Clamshell_Corporate (generic, perspective).jpg
PC Pro Info-Sell Sheet (2014).pdf

US 8,839,696 issued 2014-09-23   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$250,000

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