Generator Tube Bubbles

Thermodynamic principle for electricity generation from the use of geothermal and solar sources of energy avoiding the use of fossil fuels in support of ecology.

Also it serves as decorative item and stress reduction besides being didactic because you can observe the flow and the transformation of energy into helping their bubbles the development of intelligence and imagination.

Based on the above, I discovered a system to increase fuel efficiency in automobiles and increase their power

Actually, the ecomizador system does not have the form that is seen in the videos.
It is only based on the basic principles of its operation ...

Must be seen to be believed.


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Legal Registration Data:
Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI).
Title Registration: 3172
Owner's Name: Oscar Edmundo Jaimes Vidovic.
Address: Necaxa 72-7, Col. Portales, 03300.
Cd. de México (D.F.). México.
Denomination: Generator Tube Bubbles.
Classification: Int.Cl.8: A63H33/28; G01N1/02
Inventor's Name: Oscar Edmundo Jaimes Vidovic.
Number: MX/u/2013/000489
Expedition: 14/Nov/2014.
Valid Until: 01/Oct/2023.

IMPI (Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial)
Col. Pueblo Santa María, Tepepan.
Delegación Xochimilco.
C.P. 16020, México, D.F.
Tel (55) 5334 0700 (Direct Link)
Search Factor: Tubo Generador de Burbujas.

Includes list of materials, instruments and procedure to manufacture it ...
Also the manual detailing the steps to follow with photographs through connectors and explanations as well as alternative manufacturing materials ...
Also included is the explanation of how electricity can be generated by applying the operating principle of the bubble generator tube ...

And all the original documentation that covers the legal proceedings ...

Price is a flexible variable depending on your offer ... Just Try me ...

Attached files:

MX 3,172 issued 2014-11-14

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$10,000,000

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