Elliptical Prone Exerciser

Fitness/physical therapy equipment
The invention relates to a horizontal exerciser, in particular to an elliptical prone exerciser.

Gravity has negative effects on human body, as long as human body posture keeps in a vertical position with ground, whatever we are walking, running even standing or sitting, where it results in problems with our spine, circulation, height loss, prolapsed organs, flexibility and other general body functions. The negative effects of gravity are greatly reduced when human body is in a horizontal position like crawling or swimming.

The main goal of the present invention is to provide a prone exerciser in which the user can simulate a real crawling movement.

1. Low Gravity - Avoid further injures and decrease pressure on spine to relieve user’s back pain while workout. Best suitable for back pain and injured users.
2. Low Impact – Protect user’s joints and spine. Best suitable for loss weight and rehabilitation recovery from injuries.
3. Full body workout – Not just the entire back region, but rather the shoulder and pelvic regions, upper and lower limbs.
4. Improve coordination and balance by harmonious, synchronous and crossed exercise of arms and legs.
5. Improve circulation system by workout in horizontal position and prone posture.
6. Stimulate brain cells helping to recuperate some brain functions.

The present invention is the second generation product of crawling machine we developed in 2007. Please refer to the patent US7998043 or visit website http://www.fitcrawl.com.au/ and http://www.fit-crawl.com/ for more information of the first generation product of crawling machine and crawling exercise.

Comparing with the first generation product, the present invention has more features as follows.
1. More correspond with biology – both hand and knee moves in an elliptical path to avoid impact which may occur at two ends of the linear reciprocating motion in 1st generation, providing continuous, smooth and coordinated motion;
2. Resistance system for different training level;
3. Motor mode with adjustable speed providing supplementary drive for injured or weak user;
4. Chest support option for injured or weak user to reduce the load on arm and hand;
5. Handrail option for injured or weak user for safety.

The present invention can be designed for use at gym center, sport center, rehabilitation center, health center, hospital, senior care, university and school, hotel or home.

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US 9,498,674 issued 2016-11-22   [MORE INFO]

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