Mobile Phone Deterrent

The problem:
One in four road accidents are caused by using mobile phones while driving. Thousands are dying each year and hundreds of thousands are being hospitalised as a result of those accidents. Billions of dollars are being spent on their healthcare.

Solution: A device to deter the use of phones while driving.

A mobile phone detection and alarm unit is placed above the drivers head within the vehicle. Once the engine is switched on the device becomes active. If the driver has an active phone within the range of the sensor an alarm is activated to warn the driver to put away his/her phone. Should the phone send or receive text/calls the alarm is activated for the period of use. After 2 seconds of use the hazard lights of the vehicle are activated to warn other road users that the driver is being distracted. It will also alert authorities of such an infringement.
The device itself is small and compact and easy to manufacture, it can be fitted into new vehicles during manufacture or retrofitted to older vehicles.
Passenger can use their phones once outside the sensing zone of the device

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IE 86,706 issued 2016-08-30   [MORE INFO]

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