Cleaning Basin for Barbecue

Charcoal barbecue grills have a grate (coarse screen) for grilling foods which has generally a size of 430 mm×250 mm or a diameter of 550 mm (in kettle barbecue grills). With these dimensions it is not possible to soak the grate (coarse screen) in the sink of any household kitchen in order to remove residues which accumulate during barbecuing (grease and food remains) because without soaking the grate (coarse screen), it is impossible to completely remove the waste. With the cleaning basin it is possible to clean the dirty grate easily on the barbecue grill. In addition, the residual heat of the grilling coals is used to heat up the wash basin to thus be better able to loosen the impurities. Another advantage of this invention is that the cleaning basin is stored in or on the barbecue grill, thus requiring no separate place.

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Presentaion patent NIFTY GRILL EN.pdf
Presentaion patent NIFTY GRILL EN.pdf

CN 101,951,822 issued 2008-03-26
CN 101,951,822 issued 2008-03-26
US 90,952,352 issued 2010-02-19   [MORE INFO]
EP 21,850,491 issued 2009-12-17   [MORE INFO]

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Asking Price: US$250,000

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