Carry Pizza, Soda and Sauce with One Hand

Patent ID: US. D 971, 588 S
Patent duration: 2017 – 2032
Owner: Oyvind Rossbach

Carrying pizza while walking can be a challenge. You do not have a free hand to open doors or do other tasks, and it can also be exhausting for longer trips.
Plastic pizza carriers have been an alternative for several years, but it is only built to carry pizza. Customers will use the other hand to carry sauce and soda.

Our solution
Easybag is a special designed bag that let the customer carry pizza, soda and sauce in one hand. There is room for soda right below the grip and pockets on the side for sauce and napkins. This gives the customer a free hand to operate doors, cell phones or get by other obstacles on their way.

Easybag can be created in several types of material. Bottle and pizza will not slip, so it is safe to go by bike etc.

Easybag is helpful for peoples that are disabled and can't carry with both hands.

Business idea
Easybag is not just a handy tool. It also has a great marketing potential:
• The restaurant gets a benefit that makes customers choose them
• Trendy design so it is suitable to use in ads
• More customers will be turned into clients
• No need to hand out an extra plastic bag for soda and sauce
• The bags can be delivered with company logo and colours, so all pick-up customers will brand your restaurant in local areas

Business example
Estimated on numbers from one of US biggest pizza chains shows that they have approx. 200 000 pick-up customers every day. This should give a daily turnover of $30 000 if you sell them for $0.165 (16.5 cents) each.

Why the patent is out for sale
We are a small company located in Norway, so working towards the US market is a challenge due to distance. We have had a lot of progression in the US, but we see that it might be a better alternative to sell the patent to an investor/distributor or pizza restaurant chain in the US.
We will continue our work toward pizza restaurants chains and distributors here in Norway and Europe.

Progression and potential
• Dominos in Norway uses the Easybag
• We are in dialogue with one of the biggest pizza chains
• Production site for Easybag are already operational
• Over 8,2 million pizzas are sold every day in the US
• Patented in EU. Contact us if EU patent or cooperation toward this market is of interest

Press release from PMQ:


1. All rights reserved to sell our professional thermal bags in the US
Buying our Easybag patent will also give you all rights reserved to sell our thermal bags that absorbs moisture and keeps the pizza crust and cheese crispy and warm during transport. As far as we know it is only Pizza Huts own bags that have similar solutions.
These high-quality bags have six layers of fabric that are special designed to absorb moisture and reflect heat. The material was developed for transport of medical equipment during military operations and later sold to the US Army.

2. Domain
You will get ownership of the domain.

3. Marketing material
You will get full access to all professional photos and illustrations created for marketing purpose.

Web site: Link
Contact information for patent owner: [Use the button below to contact me]
Phone: +47 412 10 700
Do not hesitate to contact us for questions.

US 971,588 issued 2017-07-11   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$1,000,000

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