System and method for automatically distributing tangible rewards for electronic social activity

A system and method for automatically distributing physical rewards based on a user updating their social status with their mobile device utilizing a system monitor, a validation module, and a redemption module. The system monitor continually monitors social media networks for social updates containing certain preset specified content. When such content is identified, the location and other preset criteria pertaining to the device transmitting the update is validated by the validation module. Once the device has been validated, the redemption module is commanded to issue a tangible reward, such as a movie ticket from a ticket machine or a soda from a soda machine to the user of the device which transmitted the update. This way, the system and method provides a user with a tangible and immediately usable reward in response to the user publishing or sending certain social status updates, messages, or posts with their mobile device.

US 97,732,552 issued 2017-09-26   [MORE INFO]

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