Systems and Methods for Forming Contact Definitions

In one embodiment, a method for fabricating thin film tunneling devices using a mask set includes depositing a first layer of material on a substrate, positioning a first photomask over the substrate, exposing the first layer to light that passes through the first photomask, depositing a second layer of material on the substrate, positioning a second photomask over the substrate by aligning a corner marker provided on the second photomask with one of multiple corner markers provided on the first photomask, wherein the corner marker of the first photomask with which the corner marker of the second photomask aligns defines a degree of overlap between a first structure formed using the first photomask and a second structure formed using the second photomask; and exposing the second layer to light that passes through the second photomask.

US 10,180,624 issued 2019-01-15   [MORE INFO]

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