Power Pedestal with Monitor and Air Conditioning System for Yachts

It is the new service pedestal that turns its cost in an incredible income opportunity for marinas and improves the way you manage your own boat. It is a service pedestal that provides you:
- Electricity from 16 to 400 A
- Water
- Air conditioning and heating for small yachts
- An interactive communication system for your guests using a touch screen monitor IP65
- A fully modular system offering an infinite number of layouts for your marina

It is environmentally-friendly service pedestal make of solid 316 L stainless steel and coated with wood plastic composite slats (WPC) identical to your marina decking.

As we know all the marinas must give berth services that include two basic things; water and electric power. For those services, power pedestals are used and, up until now, the price and a the simple design was considered sufficient. “Leonardo” is the new power pedestal that provides electricity, water and, with two upgrades, air conditioning or heating to yachts that don't have and any kind of multimedia contents through a monitor

Business potential
Final clients (ports/marinas owner) can make money:

- By hiring the air conditioning system to yachts
- Selling advertising space to be broadcasted using the interactive monitor installed on power pedestals
- Increasing their clientele by offering an exclusive, quiet, safe and low cost service of air conditioning and heating allowing them to exploit t yachts – and the marinas- all year round.
- Increasing their clientele by offering a full information service directly at their mooring

Attached files:
_LEONARDO_catalogue Ita Eng 2019.pdf

US 9,885,499 issued 2018-02-06   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$300,000

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