EasyBag is the New Hot Pizza Trend - Easily Carry Pizza, Soda and Sauce with One Hand

After several years owning their own restaurants, Øyvind and his wife Maria one day wondered why some people found it easier to buy takeaway hamburgers instead of pizza? Research made them find the answer: It was easier and more trendy to handle the hamburger with one hand.

Carrying pizza while walking can also be a challenge. You do not have a free hand to open doors or do other tasks, and it can be exhausting for longer trips.

Øyvind and Maria interviewed numerous pizza lovers of all ages, and concluded that walking around carrying a pizza box with both hands, at the mall or in the streets, is bothersome to people. Some people even said that it wasn’t trendy.

Our solution 

Easybag is a special designed transport bag that lets the customer carry pizza, soda and sauce with one hand. There is room for soda, and special pockets on the side for sauce and napkins. This gives the customer a free hand to operate doors, cell phones or get by other obstacles on their way - without problems.

Have you tried to carry pizza boxes home, riding a bike? Difficult, right? With Easybag, this would be no problem, as everything fits in the bag and won’t slip or crack. This product is also a helpful accessibility product for disabled people, that can’t carry their products with both hands. Click here to see how efficient it is: https://youtu.be/bLQ9TkOX-Jc

The business model behind Easybag

Easybag is not just great for transportation - it’s also an amazing branding and marketing tool for worldwide pizza restaurants:

- The restaurant gets a marketing benefit, that makes customers choose them
- Smart and trendy design, which is suitable to use in advertising
- Helps you turning short-term-customers into long-term-clients
- No need for extra plastic bags for soda and sauce
- Fully customizable branding for each restaurant, matches their visual profile
- Click here to see the efficient packaging process: https://youtu.be/bLQ9TkOX-Jc

Business example

Estimates based on stats from one of US largest pizza chains, show that they have approx. 200.000 pick-up customers every day. This gives a daily turnover of $30.000 USD, in cases where the bag is sold for $0.165 (16.5 cents) each.

Your cost price is estimated to be $80 per 1000 bags, plus taxes and royalties.

The one-time investment for our patent is very low, as we want to make the opportunity available for everyone interested in starting and running their own company. Compared to an entrepreneurial journey, this is very similar, but we have both the patent and product ready for you. All you need, is to start selling and marketing the product worldwide.

The one-time investment for this patent is set fixed to only $750k USD + usage royalties (formerly $1.1M USD) - so go grab your next big success before anyone else do.

Progression and potential

- Dominos in Norway and Saudi-Arabia are already using our Easybag 
- We are in dialogue with several of the biggest pizza chains 
- Dedicated large-capacity production lines for Easybag is already operational 
- Over 8,2 million pizzas are sold every day - only in the US 
- Fully patented in EU and USA
- Key-ready business concept - can be compared to running an entrepreneurial journey without all the startup-hassle

Press release from PMQ: http://www.pmq.com/September-2017/Easybag-The-Easiest-Way-to-Carry-Pizza-Soda-and-Dressing-in-One-Hand/

Which countries can you operate in?

The sky is the limit. We do especially recommend to establish this business in United States, France, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom. The following countries does also have a huge potential for this business idea, and operations could be done distantly.

- United States
- Austria
- Belgium
- Bulgaria
- Croatia
- Republic of Cyprus
- Czech Republic
- Denmark
- Estonia
- Finland
- France
- Germany
- Greece
- Hungary
- Ireland
- Italy
- Latvia
- Lithuania
- Luxembourg
- Malta
- Netherlands
- Poland
- Portugal
- Romania
- Slovakia
- Slovenia
- Spain
- Sweden
- United Kingdom
- United States of America

Why are we selling our patent?

We are a small company located in Norway. Working towards the US market, is a challenge to us due to the distance. We have had a lot of progression in the US, but we have realized that it might be a better alternative to resell the patent to an investor/distributor that has the time and right resources to distribute and develop our product range, as well as time for business development. We will continue our work toward pizza restaurants, chains and distributors here in Norway and Europe, and will of course be your business mentor during your establishment in these markets.

Pricing opportunities

Our very low one-time investment fee for this patent is set fixed to only $750k USD + usage royalties (formerly one-time investment $1.1M USD). This campaign price is now set, as we want to find the right person for developing this business as soon as possible.

We do also accept offers.

What’s included in the pricing? 

1. All rights reserved to sell our professional thermal bags in the US

We are Experts in Professional Pizza Delivery Solutions™ When you buy our Easybag patent, it will also give you all rights to sell our thermal bags, that absorbs moisture and keeps the pizza crust and cheese warm during transport. These high-quality bags, have six layers of fabric that are special designed to absorb moisture and reflect heat.

The material was developed for transport of medical equipment during military operations and later sold to the US Army. 

2. Domain ownership and marketing materials

You will get ownership of the pizza-bag.com domain, with strong SEO optimization/rankings and new professional websites developed as of April 2019. Our data and domain server is placed in Amsterdam, Netherlands, but can be transferred where you want.

We will also provide you all professional photos, illustrations, design and infographics created for marketing purpose, as well as we’ll help you create new ones if you’d like.

3. Production lines, supplier contracts, customer database

You will get access to our high-capable production line, which are chosen to grow with us into the future. We will also provide you with our existing supplier contracts and customer database in the US.

Please note:

Our bags are originally produced in plastic, but this is now classified as a disputed and controversial topic in a few countries due to the environmental factors involved. For future productions, it will be possible to produce all Easybags in biodegradable materials, paper or non-woven fabrics.

These options could be used as the main raw material source, or as an alternative for countries where plastic is considered as "not good". As the patent owner, this choice will be up to you.

Click here to see our efficient packaging process: https://youtu.be/bLQ9TkOX-Jc

Attached files:

US 791,588 issued 2017-07-11   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$750,000

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