Ionic Liquid Mediated Sol-gel Sorbents

This invention teaches how to reconcile the chemical reactivity's of the sol-gel active components in a sol solution to ensure highly efficient ILmediated organic-inorganic hybrid extraction media with desired sorbent characteristics. Our inventors established that for an IL-mediated sorbent to be efficient, it is necessary that the sol-gel precursor and sol-gel active organic ligand should have similar reactivities. This was proven when an IL-mediated sol-gel (polyethylene glycol) system provided highly porous coating which was about five times thicker than an analogous coating prepared without the use of the ionic liquid. However, when they were used in capillary micro extraction of decanol, the capillary with the thinner coating, prepared without the use of ionic liquid provided more efficient xtraction. Thus, the invention provides a better insight into the use of onic liquid mediated sol-gel sorbents for improved variety and efficiency of extraction.

US 8,623,279 issued 2014-01-07   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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