Gangway for Transferring Personnel and Equipment from a First Device to a Second Device.

Business potential:
The offshore wind market has a strong growth around the world and are developing quickly in USA, China, Japan and Korea in addition to a mature market in Europe.
The global offshore wind capacity is projected to increase fifteen-fold to 2040, becoming a $1 trillion industry over the next two decades according to EIA. The Operation and Maintenance of wind turbine will have an equal growth and so the need for personnel gangway solutions.

GSG is a unique offshore gangway system for offshore use and has several operational benefits compared to systems in use today. The GSG solution is a step in the right direction for personnel and goods transfer in offshore wind industry as well as in the oil and gas industry.

Different from systems in use today, the solution makes it possible for personnel and goods transfer between two vessels without any special arrangements as boat landings on the vessels.

Safe personnel access to wind turbines and other offshore installations is critical for to maximise the financial return from the investments in offshore renewable industry, and access to installations for Operation and Maintenance is an important part of this.
The GSG solution could contribute to an improved service in this matter.

Technical summary:
Most gangways can in passive motion compensation absorb movements in three axes by the telescope, slew and luff functionality.

The GSG gangway has one more axis of movement, made possible by the patented system making the gangway moveable within the gimbal suspension. This keeps the gangway level no matter the pitch and roll factor on the service operation vessel, and so offer an extra safety dimension to the gangway system I addition to several other benefits:
• Allows higher pitch/roll factor on host vessel than existing systems.
• Gangway keeps “level” no matter pitch /roll factor on vessel and so offer an extra safety dimension.
• No energy is needed to keep GSG level, as the function is based on gravity. This contributes to reduced operational cost. When connected only a neglectable power requirement needed for to run a vacuum generator for the gangway tip fixation to the receiving structure.
• Simple technique means high reliability and reduced manufacturing costs.
• Possibility to use vacuum for gangway tip fixation to the receiving structure opens for:
o A safe connection toward wind turbines/platforms and vessels.
o Increased weather window for gangway connection.
o Vessel to vessel transfer without any special arrangements.

Granted in Norway, USA, Korea and China. Pending in EU and Japan.

Granted patents and ongoing pending patents are sold together.

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KR 102,134,697 issued 2020-07-10   [MORE INFO]
US 104,867,752 issued 2019-11-26   [MORE INFO]
NO 341,926 issued 2018-02-19   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$5,000,000

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