High Friction Surface Coating and Method of Making Thereof

High Friction Surface Treatment for Highways and Bridge decks.
The patented product is for use on highways and bridge decks. High Friction Surface Treatments are skid resistant surfacing systems bonded to a pavement surface in areas where the risk of a vehicle skidding out of control is high. Examples would be approaches to traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, steep inclines and dangerous bends where sudden or excessive braking or cornering may be required. The aggregate specified for use in HFST systems, calcined bauxite, is available in few locations throughout the world and is very expensive and has many negative environmental impacts. The product I have developed comprises a blend of a natural sandstone aggregate and calcined bauxite at a certain blend ratio that has proven to pass rigorous laboratory specification requirements for HFST systems. The sandstone aggregate is much cheaper than calcined bauxite and has less environmental impacts. By using less calcined bauxite in the mix will give cost savings, improve environmental impacts and give a more sustainable uses of resources.
This product is much cheaper than using 100% calcined bauxite whilst giving similar performance. The product has the potential to revolutionise the highways industry by reducing the cost of the surfacing system whilst saving lives. As well as a viable alternative to the current practice of using 100% calcined bauxite, the product could potentially be used on lesser traffic volume roads and bridge overlays where the requirements for friction are high but not as stringent as for high volume roads where HFST is specified using 100% calcined bauxite. This could in turn allow the product to be used on many more sites which would lead to more lives being saved on our highways and more product being used.

US 97,390,172 issued 2017-08-22   [MORE INFO]

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