Solution for Tech Neck Associated with Smartphone Use

People spend around 4 hours daily staring at their smartphones — that’s 1,400 hours every year. Tech-neck issues start when you bend your neck forward continuously for a long time looking down at your device. The obvious solution to this problem is to hold and view your smartphone near eye-level, keeping a relax posture without the head leaning forward. This invention provides a long awaited solution to the growing problem of tech-neck that affects roughly 70 % of smartphone users. A clever hidden arm support system is integrated in the design of cross-body bag that could provide elbow support when the user needs it. The supported arm naturally holds the smartphone near eye-level while reducing the tendency to lean forward – thus solving tech-neck issues. This smart bag allows you to enjoy using your smartphone while keeping a good posture and also serves the purpose of carrying your personal items on-the-go. This bag does not involve high-tech manufacturing methods, cheap to produce and should appeal to most users already complain about neck pain issues associated with their smartphone use.

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WO 2,019,080,418 issued 2019-10-17   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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