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Ergonimic Reclining Chair

Ergonomic Reclining Workstation/Chair

A comfortable reclining workstation/chair that integrates your computer, for office use or for playing video or virtual reality games, that allows you to work or entertain yourself without tension in your back.

Ergonomic Reclining Chair

Patent of comfortable working system, or video games or virtual reality. We have developed a product (An already Patented Invention). The product is a reclining chair or office chair (which allows you to work or entertain yourself (video games, virtual reality), either in traditional upright office or with a few simple clicks become a chair that allows you to work or entertain with the computer or Computer systems in a reclined form, without tension in the back, giving comfort and health, which

Bicycle Storage Tree

We are looking to market our 8 unit, adjustable, and portable bicycle storage tree. Our projected retail price is $80-$100. We are looking for a licensing agreement or a sale of the patent. We are negotiable on terms. Contact Scott at 573-275-6443 if any interest in our product. Check the product out online at for more details.

The Digitalfreckle, Touchscreen Precision

Do the smartphone's keys seem too small for your fingers? The Digital Freckle is a new product that improves the usability of touch screens enabling an accurate writing. A minimal and functional gadget that will help your finger to type always right! THE PROBLEM Touch screens are not precise enough to allow effective typing ... tired of making typos? ... emails written with undecipherable words? ... do the keys seem small for your fingers? Our challenge is to help your finger t

Method and Device for Determining the Bodily Fitness of a Person

Using the sequence of heartbeats of a person over a long period after a long-term stress, a phase-rectified averaged signal, the so-called PRSA-Signal can be formed and recorded. The deceleration capacity (DC) and the recovery time of the person are determined after the stress which are indicators of the fitness of the person.

Shelving Arrangement

The invention relates to a shelving arrangement (1) comprising a plurality of compartments (2a, 2b, 2c) and an identification system (4) for locating objects. According to the invention, at least one compartment is designed to implement a flow shelf in order to arrange a plurality of objects behind one another in a row, and the identification system (4) is configured to locate the objects in a way resolving the position within the row.

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