Building heat exchange system US8955764B1

The building heat exchange system is suited for installation in areas having warmer seasonal climates. The system can include an external solar heated water supply, and an indoor water heater. An enclosure extends around the water heater, with indoor air flowing between the enclosure and water heater to a duct for distribution. During cooler conditions the water heater heats incoming water from the relatively cool external water supply, with the warmth of the water heater warming the air for distribution into the bathroom or other area as desired. In warmer times, the water supplied from the water supply can be sufficiently hot that additional heating is not needed, and can be hotter than desired. In such warmer conditions, the water heater can serve as a radiator, with heat radiated from the water heater being absorbed by air flowing past the water heater and expelled to the external environment.

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US 89,557,641 issued 2013-10-24   [MORE INFO]

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