Magnetic Clamping Device

A method of controlling powerful rare earth magnets so they can be used with safety and utilize their full strength.

Uses in a wide range of industries including motor vehicle roof attaching, taxi signage, fishing rods, snowboards etc.
Welding earth connection.
Steel lifting.
Scrap metal movement.
Robotic production line movement.
Steel climbing device with defense and navy applications.
The list is endless with this IP and it has only one competitor world wide.
As the inventor I am prepared to prototype products that fall within the scope of this IP.
Such products as the steel climbing device already have enquiry and I know how to build it which would lead to more IP for the purchaser.

US 9,679,689 issued 2017-06-13   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$280,000

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