Convenient Spot Remover for Dirty Carpet Spots

CSR (Convenient Spot Remover) for dirty carpet spots

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If you have a bad back and a few spots on your carpet and company coming over tonight, I have something for you.
The CSR (Convenient Spot Remover). Developed for those people in a rush who might be a little older or have a bad back. The CSR will make this job a lot easier and quicker. If you have kids and or pets, you probably have spots on your carpet all the time.

Here is all you do.
Sit in a chair, slip on the CSR ambidextrous scrubbing shoe, and go to town on those stubborn spots. It is so simple a child can do it. Watch my demo and see how easy it is to use.
No more getting down on your hands and knees with a brush or pulling out the big steam cleaner when you only have a few spots to get out of your carpet. The CSR is the answer. It is convenient and most of all.... inexpensive. No batteries, no plugging into the wall, no electric, you only need lower body strength. Everyone will want to have one of these in their utility closet. I use mine all the time.

The Story
The CSR (Convenient Spot Remover) idea came to me one day while I was scrubbing spots off our carpet. I have a bad back and it is hard for me to bend over and scrub plus having shoulder surgeries in the past makes scrubbing a bit painful in the shoulder.

I thought there must be a better way or easier way to get spots off our carpet without having to pull out the heavy steam cleaner. After all I just wanted to spruce up the carpet in a few spots. Pulling out and putting together the steam cleaner takes a bit of time. I use the steam machine for bigger jobs that need to cover a larger area. If you have pets, just put on the CSR, and hit those spots, quick and easy, done in no time flat.

The short video attached shows the CSR in action and please keep in mind this is a rough prototype which cost me around $18.00 to put together. The largest expense was a surgical boot. I chose a surgical boot for my prototype to be able to put it on either foot and it fits many sizes.

The idea is simple, not expensive, easy to use, and safe.
My thinking is that whoever teams up on this will be able to figure out any other modifications this invention would need to go to market. There is nothing like this out there. The closest thing I could find is the brush on a stick with a canister of cleaning agent which uses an aerosol spray, which is a big hit, but this will be bigger. Spots come up easily and you just use your leg for power.

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US 11,026,554 issued 2021-06-08   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$200,000

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