Growing System

A growing system for providing fluids to a plurality of growing assemblies using only a single pump and fluid source. The growing system generally includes a single fluid source such as a reservoir from which fluids are drawn by a single pump. A main manifold connected to the pump outlet splits the fluids drawn from the fluid source into a plurality of feeder pipes. Each of the feeder pipes provides fluid to a separate growing assembly; with the present invention providing support for a plurality of growing assemblies. Each growing assembly comprises an inlet manifold for receiving the fluids, a plurality of growing pipes for providing the fluids to a plurality of planters, and a drainage device for discharging fluids back into the fluid source for further use.

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US 9,795,097 issued 2017-10-24   [MORE INFO]
US 10,004,188 issued 2018-06-26   [MORE INFO]

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