Automatic suction grab rail - The Valaidor

Suction grab rails are a great option when someone needs temporary balance support. But of all the models currently on the market, not one of them satisfies user needs; They are hard to attach and can release without warning, leading to an accident. Many people just don't trust them.

That is why we developed the Valaidor.......
Attached by pressing a button, the suction level is constantly monitored and optimally maintained. LEDs indicate its status, so the user always knows they're safe. If the suction does reduce, the Valaidor automatically corrects it. And it's compact, lightweight, fully waterproof, rechargeable and ergonomic.

The market opportunity for this product is enormous and it has no equivalent competitor. Users include people who are older-aged, injured, recovering from an operation, living independently or travelling.

The Valaidor is at advanced prototype stage. We have already invested in and proven the tooling required for its manufacture, so we have already absorbed much of its development costs. And it has been rigorously tested.

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to commercialize it independently, and we seek broad and open discussions to find a path to market.

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AU 2,017,234,379 issued 2023-01-05   [MORE INFO]
US 843,809 issued 2019-03-26   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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