Method to Develop Mutant Protein Library

Background: Current technologies used to develop novel protein and antibody libraries have been met with limited success. Specified and controlled distribution of mutations relative to the parent protein cannot be achieved through the use of oligonucleotides with degenerate base regions. Also DNA oligonucleotide synthesis using DNA base triplets requires specialized DNA synthesis machinery which is may not be efficiently utilized in miniaturized high-through-put screening. Technology: University of California, Irvine researchers have developed a novel method to systematically develop and create a library of mutant proteins that may be optimized for microchip high throughput screening. This new method allows for greater control over the number and type of changes in a mutation library. In particular, this method allows for conditional dependencies among the mutational changes within (but not across) each mutation region of each sequence. Therefore this mutational capability is either inconvenient or impossible with other methods. Application: This technology may be applied to developing a novel library of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and proteins that may also be used as research and/or diagnostic tools.

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