High Power Transistors for Use At High Frequencies

BACKGROUND Prof. Mo Missous at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the University of Manchester has developed a family of prototype high power high frequency transistors with high breakdown voltage (>20V). They are InP-InGaAs/InAlAs. pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistors (pHEMTs). The pHEMT is the transistor of choice in millimetre wave frequency applications (> 40 GHz) requiring ultra low noise (such as radio astronomy, defence, medical imaging and telecommunications). Indeed, high gain InP MMIC Low Noise Amplifiers have been fabricated and operated at frequencies as high as 155 GHz. The inherent gain also results in excellent power added efficiency (PAE) at millimeter-wave frequencies. However, current devices suffer from a number of problems, including:
• Low breakdown voltage, ranging from 2.5-4V
• Limited maximum RF power
• Noise THE TECHNOLOGY We have demonstrated that InP-InGaAs-InAlAs pHEMTs can be reliably produced which do not exhibit the usual low breakdown voltage. Values have been shown to be well in excess of 20 V thus opening the way for a new class of high power, low noise amplifiers working across the whole 1 to 100 GHz band and above. Fig 1: Comparison of Breakdown Voltage Fig 2: Transistor Characteristics of Missous of Missous devices (1831) v’s conventional devices for a range of Vg InP HEMTs (1855). Note: VBR is defined as the voltage at which Ig = 1mA/mm KEY BENEFITS
• High-breakdown voltage (> 20V) allows maximum RF power to be extracted
• Low noise
• Based on existing materials
• Based on existing manufacturing methods and therefore easy to produce
• Reduced ancillary components APPLICATIONS
• Road transport telematics (for example auto radar)
• Wireless networks, cellular base stations and digital radio RF transceivers
• Military applications (e.g. MMICs for airborne electronic warfare, phased array radar and army communications)
• High resolution scanners for medical and security use
• Mobile communications PATENT STATUS
• Patent pending OPPORTUNITY Manufacture or use under licence in the following areas:
• Car radar, security, military applications, medical imaging, telecommunications etc where high speed, high power, low noise transistors are required
• By integrated circuit manufacturers
• Prototype transistors can be made available for evaluation

Inventor(s): Mo Missous

Type of Offer: Licensing

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