Bright white electroluminescent (EL) devices

Introduction Solid state lighting technologies are being used in both specialized lighting applications and as a replacement for incandescent and fluorescent bulbs within the $12 billion lighting market. Polymer-based solid state lighting devices promise a number of key advantages including high energy efficiency, long-life, conformable shape, light weight, and an ease and flexibility of processing. Some of the obstacles to the adoption of solid-state lighting devices to date have been the inability to produce high quality white light combined with complicated, multi-layer device fabrication that prevents cost efficient manufacturing. Technology description The inventors have produced a polymer-based lighting technology that produces bright white light very close to the ideal CIE coordinates (industry norm). The solution-based, two-layer manufacturing process helps ensure that this approach will be easily scalable and allow for efficient production in various applications. Business opportunity There are a number of segments within the overall lighting marketplace that can be targeted with this technology. The solid-state LED lighting market alone is anticipated to grow to over $500 million annually within the next 3 years. A lightweight, efficient white light source would also have an immediate impact as a backlight for LCD displays. This technology should enable the production of low cost, highly flexible white light sources for a number of applications. Stage of development Prototype white-light emitting devices have been constructed and the quality of the light produced has been determined to be very close to the CIE coordinate ideal. Intellectual property position The UW has applied for patent protection on this technology.

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