Laser Treatment of Acne Using Scanning Fiber Delivery

Introduction Acne is a problem that affects approximately 85% of all teenagers. The typical drug treatments, such as isotretinoin, are known to have many risks and side effects. Many other over the counter treatments have little or no effect. Technology description Researchers at the UW have developed a system design and method utilizing a laser diode to treat acne. Unlike current laser treatment systems which use cryogenic cooling and operate at wavelengths of 800 – 900 nm or 1450 nm, this new system would operate over a range of 630 to 1800 nm and would use a microscanning technique to eliminate the need for cooling the skin. Business opportunity The heating of the sebaceous glands in the upper dermis (about 1.0 mm below the skin surface) thermally damages Propionbacterium Acne. It also accelerates healing, and possibly reduces scarring by breaking down collagen and reduces the chance of reoccurrence. Stage of development Initial data exist for this technology. Intellectual property position The UW is currently reviewing this technology for worldwide patent protection.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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