Sorption material using Li/Na Zr

Production of hydrogen from natural gas sources (methane) is energy consuming and this technology enables the manufacturing of a sorbent material that has the potential to reduce this energy cost by 10 – 30% depending on process (PSA, SESMR).

The material has applications for other areas as long as the CO2 concentration pressure and temperature in the system is in the working range.

DESCRIPTION NTNU researchers have investigated various material systems that could improve the SESMR process for hydrogen production, and one of the systems they have had great success with is LiZr and NaZr. The key to the good performance of these otherwise known systems is in the way they are prepared on a nano scale level. The novel preparation route gives a material that has improved absorption and de-sorption rates and ability to absorb large amounts of CO2.

• High stability and durability
• No contamination of gas flow
• Enables existing SESMR plants to achieve better ROI

• Hydrogen production (SESMR)
• Life support systems (military, space, fire & rescue)

Inventor(s): De Chen, Tor Grande, Magnus Rønning, Ester Ochoa Fernandez

Type of Offer: Licensing

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