Active Contact Lens

Introduction The interstitial fluid in the eye over the cornea is in indirect contact with blood serum via capillaries in the eye and is a good target for biomarkers that signal certain health conditions. If sensors and data transmitters could be implanted in a contact lens, the health of the user could be monitored continuously. Technology description University of Washington researchers have developed the active contact lens, a multifunctional chip integrating electronic, radio frequency, photonic, electro-optic, and bio-sensing components on a three-dimensional polymer platform. The contact lens samples the interstitial fluid in the eye and transmits data to a computer or data storage device. The lens has been tested in animals and was tolerated as well as an ordinary contact lens. Business opportunity A prototype device has been developed. This technology will be of interest to the healthcare industry. It may be particularly useful in continuous glucose monitoring and in monitoring troop health in the military. Intellectual property position The UW has a patent pending on this technology.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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