Connector-Nut Driver

Introduction With the growing importance placed on compactness, it becomes increasingly difficult to install and maintain necessary equipment. This can be especially problematic with connectors, such as with electrical tubing connectors and nuts, that require hands-on tightening. The connector’s location often prohibits its effective manipulation using conventional tools and using makeshift methods can lead to damage to self and equipment. Technology Description At the University of Washington, a connector-nut driver has been developed that greatly eases the fastening of various types of connectors. This modified socket is compact and easily accommodates the tightening of nuts within enclosed or otherwise restrictive spaces without risk of collateral damage to self, equipment, electronics, casing, or permanent structures. Business Opportunity This tool, used for quickly and easily tightening nuts and other fasteners, presents opportunities for the development of compact tools that can better navigate within confined mechanical and electrical environments. It has the potential to decrease the duration and cost of regular maintenance and to improve the reliability of physical connections. Stage of Development A working prototype of this device has been developed. Intellectual Property Position The UW is currently reviewing this technology for worldwide patent protection.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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