Periarticular Plates

Introduction A bone plate is typically used to maintain different parts of a fractured bone substantially stationary relative to each other during and/or after the healing process in which the bone mends together. A bone plate which attaches to both a head and the shaft of the bone includes an elongate portion which attaches to the shaft of the bone and a flared portion which attaches to the head of the bone using a plurality of bone screws. It is quite common for the curvature of the flared portion to not exactly correspond to the curvature of the bone head, requiring the use of a hammer or otherwise to bend the bone plate to better fit the bone. Technology description Dr. Stephen Benirschke and collaborators have designed a periarticular plate that more easily conforms to the shape of a bone without the need to manually and permanently deflect the plate with repeated fitting steps by trail and error. This bone plate includes an intermediate portion which interconnects the elongate portion and the flared portion. The intermediate portion allows the flared portion to deflect toward and thereby conform to the shape of a bone when the elongate portion and flared portion are screwed to the bone. Business Opportunity This bone plate does not need to be manually bent or otherwise permanently deformed prior to being attached to the bone, saving time and effort for orthopedic doctors. In addition, improved anatomical approximation of the bone plate can be achieved resulting in an increased contact interface between the bone plate and bone. This leads to improved bone healing and a reduced possibility of fatigue and failure of the bone plate. Intellectual Property Position US 5,938,664: Orthopaedic Bone Plate. Issued Aug. 1999. For more information on this technology contact:
Bolong Cao, Ph.D. Licensing Officer, Invention Licensing 206-685-9348

Type of Offer: Licensing

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