Crosslinkable Hole Transporting Materials for Organic Lightemitting Diodes

Introduction High-performance organic or polymer light-emitting diodes comprise multilayer configurations having hole-transporting, emissive and electron-transporting layers to balance the injection and transport of both holes and electrons. In general, holetransporting material is the first applied layer onto the anode upon sequential layerby- layer fabrication of a device. This hole-transporting layer (HTL) plays a very important role in the efficiency of multilayer PLEDs. Technology description Alex Jen’s laboratory has designed and synthesized a series of highly efficient and thermally crosslinkable hole injection and transporting materials for OLEDs. Their excellent mechanical properties allow them to be used in a double- HTL configuration to facilitate cascade hole-injection. PLEDs using these polymers as the HTL show higher quantum efficiency and brightness than devices using conventional PEDOT:PSS as HTL. Business Opportunity The worldwide OLED market is predicted to hit $10.9 billion by 2012 and grow to
$15.5 billion by 2014. Intellectual property position There is a US patent pending on this technology. For more information on this technology contact:
Bolong Cao, Ph.D. Licensing Officer, Invention Licensing 206-685-9348

Type of Offer: Licensing

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