Aligned Crystal Growth at Polymerized Membranes

- Semiconductor crystals - Magnetic materials

Low-cost, low-energy method works at room temperature

ABSTRACT: LBNL researchers, Deborah Charych and Amir Berman, have developed a low cost, low energy method of growing oriented, co-aligned crystalline materials under aqueous, room temperature conditions. The low temperature method uses a highly oriented polymer that serves as a 'template' for growth of inorganic crystals. The crystals grown on this template are highly oriented and also co-aligned in the plane of growth. This procedure mimics the natural process of biomineralization used by biological organisms to grow highly oriented crystalline materials on protein or polysaccharide templates, such as the conversion of calcium carbonate to bone. The method can also be used to grow a variety of electronic materials such as semiconductor crystals and nanocrystals, as well as magnetic materials, such as iron oxide particles, for memory storage.

US 6,017,390

Inventor(s): Deborah Charych and Amir Berman

Type of Offer: Licensing

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