Surface-Bound Double-Stranded DNA Protein Arrays

Summary Developed at Harvard Medical School, this invention provides nucleic acid arrays specifically designed for the assay of DNA-dependent protein:protein binding and/or physical interactions between proteins and nucleic acid molecules. Intermolecular analyses enabled by this technology are advantageously performed in massively-parallel fashion under uniform reaction conditions. This technology enables researchers to:

- Screen for polypeptides that bind nucleic acid sequences of interest.

- Highlight potential gene regulatory elements.

- Identify candidate co-regulated genes based upon their affinity for a given trans-regulator.

- Identify nucleotides or amino acids that mediate specific DNA:protein or protein:protein interactions.

The invention is covered by U.S. Patent No. 6,548,021, which is available for non-exclusive license for:

- Internal research use

- Commercial service use

- Sale of information generated through use of methods

Applications Proteomics and pharmacogenomics research; drug development; clinical diagnostic, food and environmental testing. For Further Information Please Contact the Director of Business Development Maryanne Fenerjian Email: Telephone: (617) 432-0920

Inventor(s): Church, George M.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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