Aerosol Remote Sealing System


Sealing ventilation shafts Sealing underground pipelines and other enclosed systems


Portable Works past bends and junctions Includes leakage measuring capability


Mark Modera and Francois Remi Carrie from Berkeley National Laboratory have developed a rapid, economical technique to seal duct and other enclosed systems by means of an internally injected aerosol. Berkeley National Laboratory's aerosol compound seals holes in enclosed systems and is effective even after bends and junctions. A unique, in situ aerosol sealing apparatus, also designed and built at Berkeley National Laboratory, delivers the new sealing aerosol. This multifunctional field apparatus, designed to be portable and easy to use, is powered by two, household circuits (15A/110V) and does not require the use of desiccants. In addition to performing the sealing process, Berkeley National Laboratory's compact field apparatus also measures leakage of the system before and after sealing, eliminating the need to invest in and field additional equipment. A description of the clog-free atomizing and spray drying nozzle specially designed for use with this technology is referenced below.

US 5,522,930
US 5,980,984

Inventor(s): Mark Modera and Francois Remi Carrie

Type of Offer: Licensing

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