Method and System for Controlled Dispersion Acoustic Impulse Signal Based Detection and Imaging of Buried Inclusions in Dry and Wet Granular Beds

invention relates to a method and a system for detecting and imaging the shape, location, and material identity of buried objects at any depth in granular beds. It employs controlled dispersion mechanical energy impulses generated over relative ly small areas of the surface of a granular bed.

A computer will detect the results of the impacting impulses and will be used to create a visual image of the buried object and its location, as viewed from above. The material that the object is composed of can be calculated by studying the returned impulses. A heavier mass will backscatter more energy than a lighter mass. The information from the computer image along with the calculated mass will allow the user to deduce the material co mposition of the material. This method may be used to detect any materials foreign to the granular bed that may be buried within.

Categories: Sensors, General Engineering


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