Macroporous Chitin Affinity Membranes for Wheat Germ Agglutinin Purification from Wheat Germ

This invention describes a method of wheat germ agglutination purification using a macroporous chitin membrane of high porosity and good mechanical properties. The preparation method of the membrane is described in detail in another UB patent (see d ocket R-5378 entitled "Macroporous Chitosan and Chitin Membranes").

Due to high porosity, the chitin membrane has a high adsorption capacity for wheat germ agglutination. Chitin membranes are chemically stable (insoluble in both acidic and line solutions) and strong mechanically. They also have controlled porosity and pore size, which allow fast flow of target solutions. Another significant characteristic is that they are inexpensive and also contain numerous N-acetyl-D-glucosamine m oieties (GlcNac), which can serve as affinity ligands for wheat germ agglutinatinin (a very expensive and important protein), without any further modification.

High purity and high yield wheat germ agglutinin can be obtained from this process. The chitin membranes could also be used to purify wheat germ agglutinin-like lectins from rice and barley.

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